Nutrinorm Captivate Anti Dandruff Shampoo (200 ml)- For Dry Hair

'Enriched with Rosemary and tea tree- With Conditioner and Topical Anti-Microbial Essential Oil-Melaleuca Alternifolia For Dandruff.'

Nutrinorm’s Anti-Dandruff Shampoo is designed to help soothe the scalp while gently removing dandruff to give you a soothing and relaxing feeling. Packed with Natural ingredients, the shampoo removes dandruff and strengthens your hair. Effortlessly, getting rid of the dandruff to ensure a healthy scalp.

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Stronger, healthy hair with a fine blend of fenugreek seeds and neem leaf extract and its anti-bacterial actives cleanse your scalp and hair. Relieve your scalp from inflammation, itchiness and irritation with herbal actives for a softer, beautiful hair.


A Step towards Intense Repair Hair

Dandruff-Free scalp

Anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties of herbal actives cleanse and remove dandruff from scalp and hair.

Healthy Scalp

With anti-fungal properties of neem to relieve your scalp from any inflammation, itchiness and irritation.

Strengthen Hair

Lecithin in fenugreek seeds hydrate and strengthen hair roots and hair follicles.

Hair Nourishment

Herbal actives from camphor promote hair’s natural luster along with a softer, beautiful hair.


Nutrinorm Anti-Dandruff Shampoo enriched with Tea Tree Oil and Rosemary

A fine blend of fenugreek seeds, neem leaf extract oil, rosemary, camphor and kayaputi reduces hair dryness, baldness and hair thinning; mainly beneficial against fighting dandruff and hair fall. The active ingredients taken from each ingredients makes hair soft, at the same time- boosts hair growth. Also, conditions the scalp, promote healthy hair growth, soothe frizz and temporarily seal the hair follicles!

Melaleuca Leucadendron is a key ingredient in the shampoo; cleanses the hair, keeps it strong and reduces the dandruff. Along with rosemary, which helps in hair growth by stimulating and improving the circulation to the scalp which encourages hair growth. The anti-bacterial quality is an added factor as it gently cleanses the hair. Relief from irritated, dry, flaky, dandruff ridden scalp and shiny hair is all you want for a healthy hair!


Before taking a shower, take a wide toothed comb. Gently, comb your hair properly. This will not only reduce tangles but also will help you keep away from hair shafts when it gets dry.

Wet your tresses with warm water and take sufficient quantity of Nutrinorm Anti-dandruff shampoo and gently massage your hair with it. Work the shampoo throughout the length of your hair. Rinse your hair with cold water and keep stroking your hair in the downward direction. Once you have washed off the shampoo, use a towel to blot your hair. Gently, treat your wet hair as this will stop your hair from getting damaged or weak.

Do not blow dry your hair. This is because the heat will break your hair, making it rough, dull and prone to damage. Hence, it’s always better to let your hair dry naturally and if you don't have time, you can always use Nutrinorm Vitalizing Hair Serum which has properties of heat protection.


AYUSH Certified

Incoming Active Raw Materials were tested in Ayush approved Laboratory as per Ayush Limits

NABL Accredited Lab

All Finished Goods were tested in NABL Accredited Lab complying International Standard

International Standards

All Finished Heavy Metals & Microbiological test reports complies International Standards

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2020 10 21 06:04:19
409 days ago
Its too good
compare to other Anti-Dandruff Shampoo Nutrinorm Anti Dandruff Shampoo is too good and its so helpful to me i recommend all to use this one....
2021 07 15 14:11:36
142 days ago
The shampoo is good, helps in reducing dandruff and repairs your hair to an extent.
2021 07 15 14:11:48
142 days ago
Shampoo worked magic as I can see a decrease in my dandruff and hair fall too.
2021 07 15 16:00:27
142 days ago
Good product. The shampoo has helped me with my dandruff problem. Recommend buying.
2021 07 15 16:02:33
142 days ago
My hair looks more healthy and the dandruff is almost gone.
2021 07 17 10:31:35
140 days ago
I tried many products for my dandruff problems. So far this has given me good results. Gives soft hair and no dandruff.
2021 07 17 15:30:13
140 days ago
Bought this after seeing it on Instagram. Properly cleanses my scalp and I am almost dandruff free now.
2021 07 22 16:33:23
135 days ago
I am in love with this product. After using, I have dandruff free scalp and nourishes ur hair too. Best thing is that it conditions hair too.
2021 07 28 12:57:40
129 days ago
I have been getting hair fall due to dandruff issue. I am happy both my problems got solved with this one shampoo!!
2021 08 05 15:44:55
121 days ago
After the first wash itself I could see the incredible result. Me & my husband, both have dandruff issue and we are now regular users of this shampoo.
2021 08 16 09:46:11
110 days ago
Great shampoo, actually helped with my dandruff issue and I am happy with the product.:)
2021 08 16 09:42:53
110 days ago
i have great experience with nutrinorm shampoo. i am really happy with the product as my dandruff has gone.
2021 08 27 17:12:51
99 days ago
I have been trying to switch my shampoo to a natural one from a very long time but finally gave it a shot with nutrinorm shampoo. Best shampoo I have used so far.

Nutrinorm Captivate Anti Dandruff Shampoo (200 ml)- For Dry Hair

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