Nutrinorm Nourishing Day Cream with SPF 15 (50 g)- For All Skin Types

'Rose enriched Nourishing Day Cream for face with SPF-15 | Paraben Free.'

Nutrinorm’s Nourishing Day cream with Licorice extract helps in diminishing the appearance of dark under-eye circles, discolouration and age spots. The extract also has powerful antioxidants that help protect the skin from environmental stressors.

MRP : ₹ 599  ₹ 359


Your everyday nourishing cream to tackle dark circles, premature ageing and wrinkles! Nutrinorm Day Cream is designed to protect your skin from daily incidental UV exposure along with its anti-ageing properties of Licorice- Tyrosinase & Elastase inhibitor; giving you a wrinkle-free even skin tone. Get a visibly radiant, smooth and healthy skin enriched with lotus rich in antioxidants, vitamins and astringent properties. Moisturize and bring your dry skin back to life!


A Step towards Royal Elegance

Neutralize Free Radicals

Nutrinorm Day Cream is designed to protect your skin from daily incidental UV exposure. Licorice root contains powerful antioxidants that can neutralize free radicals from external environment (sun, pollution).

Hydrate Skin

Hydrating properties of Lotus deeply hydrates & moisturizes skin and helps in increasing skin elasticity and complexion. Lotus known for its vitamins, antioxidants and astringent properties moisturizes your dry skin, bringing life back to your skin


Anti-ageing properties of Licorice- Tyrosinase & Elastase inhibitor gives you a Wrinkle-free even skin tone!

Even Skin Tone

Get a visibly radiant, smooth and healthy skin enriched with lotus rich in antioxidants and vitamins.


Nutrinorm Resistance Nourishing Day Cream with SPF- For a Radiant & Glowing Skin

Nutrinorm’s Day cream is a nourishing cream which will help with the daily incidental UV rays and the active ingredients helps seal moisture in your skin. Rose, licorice along with other active ingredients hydrates your skin 24/7 and improves your skin’s elasticity and collagen production.

Enriched with Rose, its vitamins, anti-oxidants and astringent properties moisturizes your dry skin, tightens pores and at the same time reduces any redness/inflammation due to distended capillaries. Rose contains upto 63% phenylethanol that gives the flower its antiseptic properties to treat acne and control skin diseases such as psoriasis and atopic dermatitis. The added presence of Vitamin C protects your skin cells from free radicals and prevent sunburn which is what you want in your day cream!

Another important active ingredient- licorice root extract inhibits the production of tyrosinase which reduces the production of dark spots and brightening the skin is an added advantage.


After a good cleansing with Nutrinorm Cleansing Lotion and toning process with Nutrinorm 3 in 1 Toner, dry your face.

Take sufficient quantity of Nutrinorm Nourishing Day Cream according to your requirement.

Rub between the hands and apply to the face by massaging in circular motion and apply around the neck in upward direction. Based on your requirement, any makeup can be applied thereafter.


AYUSH Certified

Incoming Active Raw Materials were tested in Ayush approved Laboratory as per Ayush Limits

NABL Accredited Lab

All Finished Goods were tested in NABL Accredited Lab complying International Standard

International Standards

All Finished Heavy Metals & Microbiological test reports complies International Standards

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2020 10 22 09:39:39
713 days ago
good for face
I loved the cream. My complexion has become better.
2021 01 18 12:11:16
624 days ago
not oily, good product
good product for face.
2021 07 15 16:01:11
446 days ago
It has a nice texture so it absorbs quickly into the skin.
2021 07 17 10:32:45
445 days ago
Just after applying it gives a radiant look and stays for a good span. Keeps skin hydrated for quite a long time.
2021 07 17 10:29:33
445 days ago
Reduces wrinkles and gives a new glow to the skin.
2021 07 22 16:34:05
439 days ago
This is the first time i am trying this brand. i am using and loved it a lot.
2021 07 28 12:58:15
433 days ago
best thing about this product is that it has spf and a great cream for day time. It nourishes and protects the skin at the same time.
2021 08 03 15:16:13
427 days ago
My mom is a regular customer of this product for a while now. Really satisfied with the cream and how the skin feels after using it. The quality and quantity of the product was good too.
2021 08 05 15:43:49
425 days ago
Works great on skin and after continuous use, gives even skin tone. Good for everyday use too.
2021 08 16 09:45:27
415 days ago
Best day cream in the market now. I bought it from store first and was really happy with it, now buy from here. Really happy with the product.
2021 08 24 11:28:25
407 days ago
This is a perfect budget-friendly day cream for anyone who wants a speedy morning routine with a fast absorbing day cream. It hydrates the skin well.
2021 08 27 15:37:41
403 days ago
I have combination skin type and always found it difficult to find the right face moisturiser. One that is not too creamy but hydrates well. This is the perfect cream with the added benefits of spf, anti aging.
2021 09 04 11:15:30
396 days ago
This is the perfect moisturising solution for any skin. I can feel the moisturised texture of skin and no greasy feeling. So you can keep the fears of fine lines and wrinkles at bay!
2021 11 03 12:22:56
335 days ago
great for dry skin type as it moisturises properly...

Nutrinorm Nourishing Day Cream with SPF 15 (50 g)- For All Skin Types

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