Nutrinorm Protein Shampoo For Dry Hair (200 ml) - For Dry Hair

'Sunflower enriched Protein Shampoo for Dry Damaged Hair.'

Get Instant silky, shiny hair with Nutrinorm’s Protein Shampoo for Dry Hair, Specially designed for dry hair.

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All your nutrient and vitamins to maintain healthy and shiny hair with cold-pressed antioxidant rich sunflower oil for boosting collagen and deep nourishing your scalp. Protein rich shampoo for a healthy scalp.


A Step towards Intense Repair Hair

Boost Hair Growth

Cold-pressed antioxidant rich sunflower oil for boosting collagen and deep nourishment

Nourish Dry Hair

Protein rich shampoo with other essential nutrients and vitamins to deeply nourish and repair dry scalp.

Strengthen Hair Roots

Strengthens protein bond and help repair protein damage in your hair- softens and smoothens hair shaft.

Moisturize Scalp

Lauric acid moisturizes scalp and Vitamin E protect hair from sun damage due to its moisturizing effect.


Nutrinorm Protein Shampoo for dry hair enriched with Coconut and Chapala

The high protein content is also very good for our scalp, repairing and helping in keeping hair healthy. The shampoo contains almost all essential vitamins and minerals including vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, C, folic acid, iron, potassium, magnesium, calcium, selenium, sodium, zinc, copper, phosphorus. Cowpea being an excellent source of anti-oxidants, is quite effective for hair too. From maintaining the health of our tresses to make them shiny.

Derived from its seeds, sunflower oil is high in essential fatty acids like phospholipids and ceramides. Cold-pressed sunflower contains anti-oxidants, Vitamin E and Omega 6 which boosts collagen, deeply nourishing and soothing your dry hair and scalps. It locks in moisture and helps keeps hair healthy and strong.

Coconut oil is rich in fatty acids and anti-oxidants that help prevent aging and damage to hair. Coconut oil is the most abundant source of lauric acid, a fatty acid known for its antimicrobial, moisturizing, and hormone-balancing properties. It also stimulates the production of collagen and its vitamin E content protects the hair from sun damage because of its moisturizing effect.


Before taking a shower, take a wide toothed comb. Gently, comb your hair properly. Wet your tresses with warm water and take sufficient quantity of Nutrinorm Protein shampoo (dry hair) and gently massage your hair with it. Work the shampoo throughout the length of your hair.

Rinse your hair with cold water and keep stroking your hair in the downward direction. Once you have washed off the shampoo, use a towel to blot your hair. Gently, treat your wet hair as this will stop your hair from getting damaged or weak.

Do not blow dry your hair. This is because the heat will break your hair, making it rough, dull and prone to damage. Hence, it’s always better to let your hair dry naturally and if you don't have time, you can always use Nutrinorm Vitalizing Hair Serum which has properties of heat protection.


AYUSH Certified

Incoming Active Raw Materials were tested in Ayush approved Laboratory as per Ayush Limits

NABL Accredited Lab

All Finished Goods were tested in NABL Accredited Lab complying International Standard

International Standards

All Finished Heavy Metals & Microbiological test reports complies International Standards

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2020 10 21 06:28:52
714 days ago
One of the beat product in the Market.
2021 01 16 05:23:17
627 days ago
good product
good product for my dry hair. good results after using.
2021 07 15 15:59:38
446 days ago
Really nice shampoo, I have coloured hair and dry hair, so all possible hair problems I have. Nutrinorm shampoo made my hair smooth and soft.
2021 07 15 16:03:02
446 days ago
I travel a lot so, my hair is always dry and frizzy. I am getting my shine back.
2021 07 17 10:31:07
445 days ago
My hair is very dry and it is difficult to get shiny smooth hair. After using this, all of my worries have gone. Hair getting healthier.
2021 07 28 12:57:10
433 days ago
I have extremely dry and frizzy hair and this shampoo has helped a lot to reduce my dryness.
2021 08 05 15:44:44
425 days ago
This shampoo was recommended by my friend and I am glad she did. My dry hair looks more healthy after using this shampoo. Wonderful product. Thank you..
2021 08 16 09:45:43
415 days ago
First time purchase from website, before I used to buy it from market. Using this brand for a long time now and really good product for me.
2021 08 16 09:42:40
415 days ago
been using for couple of months and has shown great results. the frizziness and dryness of my hair has reduced a lot. thankful for this shampoo.
2021 08 24 11:28:52
407 days ago
The weather makes my coloured hair dry and frizzy. The result was visible from the first wash. My hair is softer, shinier and easily manageable. Since it is free of Parabens, Sulphates and Silicones, best for my coloured hair.
2021 08 27 17:13:03
403 days ago
Hi guys,trust me guys whoever wants silky smooth hair it is the one.
2021 08 27 17:13:12
403 days ago
This Shampoo is seriously good solution for very very dry hair. Hair feels smooth and manageable after use. Best thing is that this shampoo has no Parabens.

Nutrinorm Protein Shampoo For Dry Hair (200 ml) - For Dry Hair

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