Nutrinorm Recreate Rejuvenating Grape seed Orange Peel Off Mask (100 ml)- For All Skin types

'Enriched with Orange Essential Oil for a Clear,Radiant & Smooth Skin.'

Nutrinorm’s Rejuvenating Peel off Mask comes with pure organic grape extracts. It basically works on removing the dead skin cells.

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Enriched with rejuvenating ingredient like grape seed to restore your skin’s balance and glow. Get your youthful radiance every time you peel off the anti-ageing mask which oxidizes and removes wrinkles from skin. Clear and cleanse your skin with Nutrinorm Rejuvenating Peel Off Mask for a pleasing result!


A Step towards Royal Elegance

Glowing Skin

Get parlor glow with rejuvenating ingredient- Grape seed restores your skin’s balance and glow.

Cleanse Skin

Peels away the dirt, grime and bacteria within the skin pores to cleanse skin.

Remove Blackheads

Removes blackheads and helps in getting a youthful radiance every-time you peel off the mask.

Healthy Skin

Stimulate blood circulation and oxygen supply to tighten skin and moisturize skin to restore natural health and vitality of skin.


Nutrinorm Rejuvenating Grape Seed & Orange Peel Off Mask

The blend of active ingredients like grape seed, aloe vera, cucumber & bitter orange has cooling and anti-inflammatory properties and fights any skin-ageing. Cucumber can repair dry and damaged skin, giving the skin a softer and smoother appearance.

Grape seed is a truly rejuvenating ingredient- rejuvenating skin, restoring balance and skin glow. The active ingredient helps in protecting the skin against environmental stresses and the first signs of ageing; leaving the skin with a healthy youthful complexion.

Bitter orange brings natural radiance to the skin by working as an anti-ageing mask. The active ingredient works as an anti-oxidant agent and helps in removal of wrinkles. The wonderful anti-oxidant properties help in the removal of dirt from the skin and gives your skin a soothing effect. Clear your skin every day with Nutrinorm Peel Off Mask for a pleasing result.


Clean and exfoliate your face before you use the mask. Use Nutrinorm Deep Cleansing lotion. Washing your face removes dirt and oil on your skin to prepare your face for the mask. To open your pores, apply a mild exfoliant (Nutrinorm Gentle Exfoliating face scrub) and rinse it off before you apply the Nutrinorm Rejuvenating Peel Mask.

Spread the Rejuvenating Peel Off Mask on your face. Squirt a quarter-sized amount of the mask into a small bowl. Dip a clean brush into the mixture and spread it evenly across your skin. The mask should dry completely and it will probably feel tight or itchy on your skin. If the mask begins to feel uncomfortable or painful, you should wash it off without waiting for the full 10 minutes to pass.

Rejuvenating Peel off mask. Start at the bottom of the mask and slowly peel upwards towards the top of the face. If you only applied the mask to your t-zone, you can peel near the sides of your nose and pull up towards your forehead. Wash and moisturize after you use the mask.


AYUSH Certified

Incoming Active Raw Materials were tested in Ayush approved Laboratory as per Ayush Limits

NABL Accredited Lab

All Finished Goods were tested in NABL Accredited Lab complying International Standard

International Standards

All Finished Heavy Metals & Microbiological test reports complies International Standards

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2021 07 16 11:16:35
141 days ago
Its not harsh on the skin and make your skin smooth after use.
2021 07 16 11:16:44
141 days ago
It peels off very smooth and smells great too.
2021 07 20 12:03:22
137 days ago
It removes dead skin and makes skin more clearer and glowing.
2021 07 28 12:11:48
129 days ago
It does what is advertised, gives a wonderful glow after us and grape is good for skin too.
2021 08 03 15:16:30
123 days ago
Its undoubtedly great product. try it atleast once and you wont be disappointed. completely satisfied with the product.
2021 08 05 15:41:49
121 days ago
Not harsh on skin and so easily the mask comes off after drying. Smooth and clean skin after using.
2021 08 16 09:44:29
110 days ago
Never seen a mask that peels off this easily. Must buy if you have sensitive skin especially. Great product.
2021 08 24 11:46:26
102 days ago
Very good for sensitive skin. The product is very good too. Really remove the tan.
2021 09 07 11:28:13
88 days ago
Loved the product! Easy to use - Apply,dry and peel off. Clears up blackheads and soothes the skin. Brings natural glow.
2021 11 03 12:22:12
31 days ago
amazing mask as it is so gentle while peeling the mask off and skin is so smooth after that

Nutrinorm Recreate Rejuvenating Grape seed Orange Peel Off Mask (100 ml)- For All Skin types

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