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The use of surface pro+ is a habit that can help keep us all exposed to fewer germs, and therefore, may decrease our chance of illness.

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There are times when there is no access to soap and water or not enough time to wash thoroughly. Surface Pro+ serve as a suitable alternative to clean/sanitize the surfaces or the environment you are in, hence, decreasing the chance of getting sick.

The use of surface pro+ is a habit that can help keep us all exposed to fewer germs, and therefore, may decrease our chance of illness. Whether you are on the playground, using someone else's computer or visiting a friend in the hospital, take the time to spray it around- maybe after using a cash machine, using a gadget, etc. It is a simple step to control most of the illness.


A Step towards Healthy Family

Protection on the go without soap

Surface Pro+ is convenient, portable, easy to use and not time consuming

Activation time is very short, destroys virus or bacteria on any surfaces in shortest time

Regular use of Surface Pro+ will reduce the risk of spreading gastrointestinal (stomach) and respiratory infection.

Kills 99.9 percent of germs without soap or water

Ethanol works on the Surface Pro+?

Ethanol in surface sanitizer alter (denature) structure of proteins. They destroy cell wall and membranes of bacteria cells, and the envelope of viruses. They are less effective against non-envelop viruses. Non-alcohol base sanitizer also kill bacteria but are less effective against viruses

Direction of use

Spray an appropriate amount (2-3 spray) of surface sanitizer on the surface until the liquid covers the entire place. Do not wash with water.


International Standards

All Finished Heavy Metals & Microbiological test reports complies International Standards

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2021 07 14 10:14:18
143 days ago
Fabulous experience
This product is of great help...
2021 07 17 10:29:52
140 days ago
This sanitizer is multipurpose, I use it in my car and always carry it in my bag as I travel a lot. Good buy especially at this time.
2021 08 03 15:17:01
123 days ago
Convenient to use especially when you are going out. I visit clients a lot and I carry this everywhere and has been quite useful for me.
2021 08 16 09:41:57
110 days ago
Sanitizer is a must if you are going out frequently. I believe this sanitizer is very effective on the surfaces.
2021 09 07 11:27:57
88 days ago
I use this spray on things we generally touch multiple times in a day like door handle, driving wheel, tap, remote, mobile screen, switch etc. Just spray and free from worry.
2021 11 03 12:21:31
31 days ago
this santizer is very handy and can be carried everywhere.

Surface Pro+

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